To me, aloha means being kind; it means respecting one another and taking care with one another; it means living from a place of love. I heard someone say that aloha is a firm commitment to pono. That resonated with me. What is pono? It’s doing the right thing. Growing up, that was often said to me - ‘do the right thing’.


The term “internal arts” refers to all of the internal systems - Tai Chi, Qigong, Bagua, Xingyi, Liu He Ba Fa, and Wuji. While Tai Chi and Qigong are the most well known, it is my intention to help bring the other internal arts into the light as well. They each offer us something slightly different and they compliment one another so well.


With the creation of Aloha Internal Arts, it is my intention to engage with these ancient practices in a way that is kind and respectful; a place where we can all come together in community and take care with one another. It is a path to cultivate kindness and respect. These arts are tools to harmonize our internal energy, to build strength and vitality in our bodies, to bring a sense of peace to our minds and hearts.

Aloha is an important part of life in Hawai’i. Aloha means many things. It means hello and good bye; it means love. I once asked a Hawaiian elder the meaning of aloha and was answered with a question; ‘What does aloha mean to you?’

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