What is Bagua?

Bagua is based on the theory of the bagua (eight trigrams). Bagua theory was used by the ancient Chinese to analyze directions, locations, causes and effect, and all the natural changes of the universe.

Bagua emphasizes circular movement and walking is most important. When practicing Bagua, we are always moving. Bagua uses movement as its foundation and transformation as its principle. The movements are always changing, spinning, and turning, while rapidly moving in curvilinear patterns.

Why learn Bagua?

Bagua is good for those who are interested in improving their coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, leg and arm strength, fitness level, body posture, reflexes, stamina and power.

Bagua concentrates on training the circulation of qi and emphasizes a calm and peaceful mind.

The movements of Bagua are not as soft as Tai Chi nor as hard as Xing Yi. The constant turning and spinning movements stimulate the joints and muscles to provide movement for many areas of the body that are not normally exercised. These movements also stimulate acupuncture cavities by compressing and relaxing the muscles around them, loosening stagnant energy, an allowing qi to circulate smoothly.

IMG_2008 Bagua posture.JPG