TaijINature Retreats

Rooted to the earth

     Rising to the sky

        Moving like water

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Past Retreats

2014  May 1-4

The Story of a Tai Chi Retreat

with Richard Jordi

Buddhist Retreat Centre,


Buddhist Retreat Centre,


Link to:  Parting the Clouds to Reveal the Sun

2013 - August 2-6

A Five Elements Taiji Retreat

At the Buddhist Retreat Centre in

Ixopo, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

With Richard Jordi

Taiji practice from Chungliang Al Huang’s Five Elements.

Link to Story:  Water Douses Fire

2013 - April 26 - May 2

Liu He Ba Fa Retreat 

At The Buddhist Retreat Centre in

Ixopo, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

with Richard Jordi

In this retreat participants were introduced to the practice and philosophy of Liu He Ba Fa or “Water Style”.  Liu He Ba Fa (Six Unities and Eight Principles) is an ancient Taoist internal martial art that is very similar to Tai Chi. It seeks to embody and explore the changing relationship between yin and yang by working with movements that have contrasting energies. The movements of Liu He Ba Fa are sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes fast and hard, and sometimes slow and soft. Water Style is a moving meditation in which we use our mind and body to explore the metaphorical names of the movements and the natural patterns that they evoke.

Link to story:  Swallows Skim Across the Water

2012 September to December 


Qigong, Taiji (Tai Chi) and Liu He Ba Fa

with Richard Jordi

2010 October 

Richard taught a Taiji and Qigong practice in the Reading from Nature programme at the Towerland Wilderness Retreat Centre Located in the Outeniqua Mountains of the southern Cape, South Africa amongst the pristine mountain fynbos

Link to:  Taiji at Towerland

2009 - October 9-11

Qigong, Taiji & Nature

with Richard Jordi

Emoyeni Retreat Center

North West province, South Africa

(approximately 100 km northwest of Johannesburg)

Link to story:   Emoyeni Story