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WHAT DOES IT COST? Nothing. Zero. It is free. When purchasing a property that is listed with a real estate brokerage, the seller's brokerage shares its commission with the buyer's brokerage. This is called a cooperating broker agreement. If you decide to purchase a property that is for sale by owner where the seller is not willing to pay any commission, I can still represent you in the transaction. This just needs to be discussed and you can opt to pay the commission yourself. While this can happen, it is rare.


FINDING & VIEWING PROPERTIES -- As your real estate agent, I listen to what you want and do not want. I can then scan through the listings looking for just that. This can save you countless hours of searching around the internet. I am looking at homes all the time and have a pulse on the market. I know what to look for and what may be red flags. I schedule all of the viewings and go to the properties with you. I understand the local market and can potentially save you time and money in the long run.

OBTAINING FINANCING:  While I am not a mortgage broker, I work with many people in this field and can help you navigate through the various financing options available to you.


NEGOTIATION: . I help you negotiate the purchase price. I will provide you with comparable sales so you know what properties are selling for in the area you are looking to purchase.

CONTRACTS: I go over the contract with you and answer any questions you have. I fill out the contract for you and submit it to the Seller's Agent. I walk you through this step-by-step

WHAT IS ESCROW ANYWAY?  Hawai'i is an escrow state. That means that we utilize the services of a neutral third party to conduct the transaction, collect and disburse funds. The escrow company orders the title report to make certain the property has clear title to transfer to you. I 'open escrow' and work closely with the escrow officer throughout the duration of the transaction.

WHAT ABOUT INSPECTIONS, SURVEYS AND THINGS LIKE THAT?  I have a list of professional service providers that I give you so you can find the right person to do a professional home inspection, termite inspection and a survey of the property as well as any other services you may need.

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